Campaign Filings

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Report Filed date Raised Spent Balance
2017 pre-general report [pdf]
11/02/17 $21,950.00 $28,282.90 $-1,270.77
2017 Candidate Filing [link]

$250 Fee

08/01/17 N/A N/A N/A
2017 pre-primary report [pdf]
08/03/17 $48,595.00 $43,532.87 $5,062.13
2016 annual report [pdf]
08/03/17 N/A $32.20 N/A
2015 annual report [pdf]

Previous reports not filed

08/04/17 N/A N/A $32.97
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Finance Highlights

non-itemized contributions 2017 pre-primary report
2017 pre-primary report
% non-itemized contributions 2017 pre-primary report
2017 pre-primary report


* Candidates may or may not have endorsements from individuals, but these are not reflected here.

Public Participation



Hennepin County Campaign Finance
Minnesota Campaign Finance Board

Notable donations (by category)

NB: donors may belong to multiple categories.

Note that this list does not reflect all donations received or given by a candidate, simply noteworthy contributions from various individuals and organizations that typically contribute to one or many elections during the year. Only donations from Minneapolis 2017-2018 finance reports are reflected. All donations that could be found in the MN State Campaign Finance board are included as well.